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Try our Chat line

Try our chat line to bypass the phone

It can be difficult to communicate with some large organisations. You often have to listen to a long list of extensions, or wait through terrible music interspersed with regular messages telling you to go to their website for the answers you want. Sometimes you simply want to just ask a question.

Have you considered trying the chat line on the website? You will probably get your answer more quickly than you would if you pick up the telephone. Plus you can document the conversation by pasting into a file for later.

With the recent upgrade of the KTS website, we have included a ‘chat line’.

Its on the bottom right hand side of all our pages, and will be available from 9-5pm Monday to Friday.

The person you will be chatting with is Jane who is our practice manager.

You can ask her questions relating to your accounts or pass on a message to her, its often much quicker and easier than using the phone or email.

Give it a go, Jane is waiting to hear from any of our clients, she will get back to you as soon as possible with the answers to any queries, or with the information needed.