The IRD tax filing letter

The IRD is in the process of sending all individuals their yearly Auto Calculation tax letters with a request for clients to confirm them, which means that IRD then file your tax return. Some of our Clients have had these letters and are confirming them themselves to IRD.


This isn’t ideal. Often there is additional information to add after your work has been processed that the IRD is not aware of. It then means that when we at KTS file your correct completed return, it doubles up with the IRD and they don’t automatically update the return with the information that we have provided.Some of our Clients have received a refund as a result of IRD filing their tax return which they then have to pay back, and in some cases have been charged interest.


Our advice is when you received these letters, you do not immediately confirm with IRD, we will do that on your behalf when we have checked they are correct.

If you have any queries please call Jane 09 412 9902 xt 7