Tax Reminders:

GST and the 3rd instalment of Provisional tax are both due on the 7th of May.

Provisional tax:

The advice from KTS is to go ahead and pay this instalment of Provisional tax as it relates mostly to the 2020 financial year.
Re-estimations of Provisional tax will be done in the coming weeks ahead in time for the next instalment of Provisional tax which is due on the 28th of August.

If you are having trouble paying your tax, you can set up an instalment arrangement with IRD, here are the instructions:

Setting up an instalment arrangement:

  • Go to the IRD website
  • Logon to MyIR
  • Choose your business or entity.
  • Under ‘I want to” on the top RHS, you will see “request instalment arrangement”
  • Fill out the application online and submit.
End of month Statements:

The monthly statements for April 2020 which are usually mailed out to our Clients have not been sent this month due to the problems associated with Covid-19.

We are hoping to be able to send them out later in the month when level two is announced.

Please contact Jane if you have any queries regarding your account.