At KTS Chartered Accountants, we have had extensive experience with trusts over many years:


The formation of them, the management of them and dealing with the financial aspects of them.

A large number of our Clients have formed Trusts and we oversee the management of the financial records of them.

IRD requirements for Trusts

Over the years, the IRD have been changing and updating the Trust requirements.

The most recent change the IRD have made is to the annual reporting requirements for trusts in the financial year 2021-2022.

Read about the new reporting requirements from the IRD

In line with the new requirements , this is the information we will ask you for:

Information on the beneficiaries of your Trust.

  • Full name
  • IRD numbers
  • Dates of birth
  • Country of residence

The information on ‘power of appointment to the Trust”  and “settlers of the Trust” is mostly already on our records, however if not, we will contact you directly.

Below is a sheet that we have prepared to enable you to record the beneficiaries of your Trust.

Information sheet for beneficiaries of your Trust

You can fill out the form online, save and email to us, or print it off and bring it in with your records.

Trust Advice

Trusts can be complicated and technical in terms of the law and the requirements of the money laundering act. We no longer act as Trustees of our Clients trusts, nor do we get involved in the setting up of trusts, so our advice to you is unbiased.

However, we can give excellent advice from our long experience, so if you are looking to set up a trust, come and talk to us first.

We can discuss:

  • Do I really need a trust?
  • Why do I need a trust?
  • What benefits will forming a trust bring to me?
  • How will having a trust impact on my financial affairs?
  • What are the legal ramifications of forming a trust and how will that work?
  • Will I need to make a new will?

These questions amongst other are important questions to ask and have an open discussion about before you take the steps of forming a trust, especially with your accountant as well as your lawyer.

The expert on our KTS team on trusts is Tony Forlong, he is happy to make an appointment with you and discuss all your needs and requirements.

Here are Tony's contact details:

Tony Forlong

Principal & CEO

Tony is the Managing Director and owner of KTS. He has had extensive experience with trusts over many years.

In the late 80’s, Tony trained under the ‘guru of trusts’ Bill Paterson and over the years his experience has made him an excellent source of information.

If you make an appointment with him, he can discuss with you all the aspects relating to Trusts, especially on how it will affect you financially.

 09 412 9902 extn 9