In our personal and family lives and also in our Businesses, we face risk daily.

The key is to recognise the risks and work to minimise them as far as possible

As Accountants we are often asked by our Clients about how they can best manage risk in their personal and business lives.
As risk management is not our core business, we believe we should recommend our clients to a company that specialises in this field, so that they can get expert advice and the best possible service.
We highly recommend ‘Risk Solutions’ and this is what they have to offer:
Risk Solutions focuses on protecting people

They look at all aspects of what you do, what stage of life you and your family are at, then help to build a portfolio of products which protects you against loss and provides the means to keep going in times of adversity.

Risk solutions specialise in helping business owners find efficiencies within all these areas and make suggestions on alternative product offers.

Personal Insurance

You’ve probably taken the time to insure your home and possessions. But have you remembered your most important asset? You!

Have you got the necessary cover in place to look after yourself and your ability to provide for your family? Statistics show that you’re much more likely to lose your home through the death or disability of the family breadwinner than you are from a fire.

Risk Solutions can help you evaluate your needs as your family’s breadwinner and look at the best ways to continue providing income to you and your loved ones should you suffer trauma, permanent disability, or require a major operation.

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Business Insurance

Having the right people protection in place is not just about looking after yourself or your family. It’s also about finding the right cover to look after your business’ most valuable assets –your staff.

At Risk Solutions, we can take you through the types of insurance you and your staff could benefit from, including key person cover (the business equivalent to income protection).

Group cover can be a very cost-effective and valuable way of looking after your staff and create a strong and healthy company culture, whilst also encouraging your staff to take a proactive approach to their health. Group cover can also extend to look after your employees’ family.

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ACC advice

Risk Solutions specialise in helping businesses and business owners to find efficiencies within ACC by conducting reviews and making suggestions on alternative product offers within ACC.

We can make suggestions on different structures, claims, levy advice and discount scheme advice. This has proven very helpful to clients and many of them have saved substantial money each year on ACC levies.

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About Risk Solutions

The director of Risk Solutions is Timothy Peat (Tim).

Tim has been in the industry since 2010 starting with a company that he eventually bought and rebranding that company to Risk Solutions Ltd.

Tim uses his years of experience in this industry to make the mundane task of adjusting or buying Insurance more enjoyable and understandable.

As a client you will want to sit down with Tim, he has the ability to clear the fog and manage a clear pathway.
As a father and husband, Tim knows the value of ensuring that lives are protected, so that the people you love the most are taken care of.

If you are interested in talking to Tim about risk management please feel free to email him or give him a call.

Email: | Phone: 0275 734 064 |