Having a sound accounting and bookkeeping system in place is the key and the foundation block to every successful business.

As members of the NZ Chartered Accountants Association (CAANZ), and with over 40 years experience, KTS has a proven record in providing reliability, excellence and security for all your accounting needs.

We are an innovative, forward-looking company

Over the years we have expanded our I.T. services to incorporate online bookkeeping, e-commerce, and the continued growth and development of our online accounting programmes. We work closely with our Clients to train them and bring them up to speed with the online services we offer.

We work with you

Unlike many other accountants who require you to move to their own accounting systems when you become their client, we will work with whatever accounting programme you are currently using. This can be a considerable cost saving to small businesses or sole traders.

We offer training and guidance

We specialise in MYOB, Xero, Quick Books, and any other accounting packages that you may require. Some of our Clients need help or assistance in using these programmes, especially when they start using them. If you are needing help, we also offer training and guidance in MYOB and Xero.

We will visit your premises or home

If you are having any difficulties or need any help in working with either MYOB, Xero, or any other programme you are using,  please feel free to contact us directly. If we are unable to answer your queries by phone or email, we are very happy to make a personal call to your premises or home, it’s often easier to learn on your own computer.

How we present our Client’s completed accounts to them

Your finished accounts are presented to you in our specially designed KTS folder, we bind them so they are intact and easily stored for future reference.
The accounts folder comes in the KTS carry bag, complete with complimentary pads and pens. Please feel free to ask for more bags, pads and pens, they are very handy.

Your accounts come intact in the KTS carry bag.

Please ask for extras to store your records.

Complimentary pads and pens come with your completed accounts.

Please feel free to ask for extras, they are very handy.


The complete set

Our experts in MYOB and Xero

Although all our team are skilled in all our programmes, two of our team are our ‘go to’ people for MYOB and Xero – Tanya (MYOB) and Toko (Xero)

Tokoiva Metua

Accounting Services

Toko is the Xero specialist on the KTS Team, he can help you with all matters relating to Xero. Please feel free to contact him.


 09 412 9902 extn 2
 DDI: 09 869 8367

Tanya Hay

Accounting Services

Tanya is our specialist at KTS on all matters concerning MYOB. Please feel free to contact Tanya directly, she can answer your queries.


 09 412 9902 extn 8
 DDI: 09 869 8365

Accounting and bookkeeping is the foundation of KTS:

‘It’s what we do best’


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