Provisional Tax

The 3rd installment of Provisional tax is due on the 7th of May 2020.
We are will be sending out the tax notices to Clients in the next week.
As the IRD is no longer issuing the printed forms, we will be sending the notices out by email.
if you are expecting a notice and don’t receive one, then it is because we don’t have a valid email address for you and you need to contact us to update your records.
If you need to contact us about your provisional tax notices please email Jane -

Terminal Tax due today 7th April

Terminal tax for 2019 is due today which is the 7th April.
If you are having problems with paying your tax on time, IRD has provided some options for tax relief which include:
* Re-estimations of provisional tax
* Setting up an installment arrangement
* Extensions for late filing and late payment
* Tailored tax codes
To check out all the details of what is available GO TO IRD TAX RELIEF
You can also send Tony an email on if you need to talk it over.