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On-Line privacy has become a huge issue in recent years, as more and more is being revealed about how big companies analyse our behaviour.

Knowing what we do and what we spend creates vast sums of money for big Company’s.

If they know from our browsing that we’re interested in photography or travel, for example, the data is sold on to other companies who want to sell us cameras or holidays. We’re then targeted with ads and promotions.

Can we do anything?

Yes, we can, and it’s more than just turning on the browser privacy mode or using Incognito on our smartphone. These just stop others who use your device from seeing our internet history. It doesn’t block internet spies.

Some web browsers, such as Duckduckgo, do offer privacy because they don’t store your data, or track your search habits and history. Third parties don’t get data from your browsing.

It’s worth noting that these browsers offer privacy, but they don’t protect you from other online threats. Individual websites and social media platforms can still track you and collect your data.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

That’s where a good VPN (virtual private network) adds another level of safety. Good VPN providers offer encryption on all your online traffic, and your IP is hidden so no one can find your location. Most VPN providers charge, so look online for one that suits you.

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