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In most, if not all industries, you get the best results from good systems, experience and expertise.

Are you a ‘Do it yourselfer’?

Do-it-yourselfer’s can be a menace, and if you’re tempted to try something yourself in an effort to save money, think twice.

Restrict do-it-yourself work to tasks you’re knowledgeable about and know you can do well.

Here’s some examples

A tiler recently had a customer who thought he could manage it himself with a little advice. With the hours required to fix the shoddy work, it’s now going to cost more than if it had been left to the tradesman in the first place.

A lawyer was handed a 30-page contract to just check over and approve. The client thought it would save money by doing it this way.

The lawyer, however, had to read every word and then consider anything which might have been omitted.

If she had initiated the work, she would have pulled a standard document off the shelf and modified it to suit her customer. This would be a lot quicker because it would have everything in it she wanted.

‘Do it yourselfer’s’  in accounting

Sometimes our clients will bring us spreadsheets or other workings they have done themselves, without consulting us first. Often these make our task more difficult and time-consuming.

If you want to make work as cost-effective as possible, get the expert to tell you what to supply.