PAY NOW is now available on the KTS website
This means that our Clients can now pay us online
We offer the following easy payment options

Credit Card:

For all our clients who give us their credit card details and for those who came to our office to use the EFTPOS machine, you can now pay us online.
Simply click on the PAY NOW option, enter the amount and the invoice number, and follow the instructions to submit your payment.


No need to make a note of the KTS account details and go back to your banking app, you can now do it all through Poli.
Poli takes you directly to your own Bank facilities where you simply choose your bank, the account you wish to pay from, and proceed – it’s nice and easy.

Fee Smart:

Fee Smart offers fee funding to our clients who would benefit from paying fees off over several months.
This will be of great benefit to a number of our clients who are struggling at this time due to Covid-19.

You can apply online for fee smart, simply put in the amount of your invoice, and choose the period of time you wish to pay off your invoice, enter your details and apply.

There is a small setup charge to use fee smart which gets added to your first instalment. There is also a small funding charge which will change depending on the number of months you choose, however it’s a lot less than using an overdraft facility and could be very helpful for your cash flow.

Bank transfer and cheque information:

If you wish to use your own Banking facilities or send us a cheque, all the details are provided.


If you have any problems or need any more information please do not hesitate to email -