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In order to ensure the health and safety of both our Clients and our Team, we have special arrangements in place for the KTS office.

These are the current arrangements under the red light restrictions

  • As Accountants are not mandated for the vaccine pass, we do not require you to show your vaccine pass. All safety procedures are being followed, masks are required and hand sanitising is also available.
  • We are currently keeping the front door locked to prevent a lot of Clients entering at the same time. If you are calling at the office, please knock on the door or ring the office and we will welcome you in.
  • A box is available at the door for all those who would prefer a contactless visit to the office, please leave your records in it and we will check the box regularly during the day. If you wish to pick up your records, please contact us to let us know and we will leave them in the box for you to collect.
  • Our team are both working from home and attending the office in shifts to prevent too many people being in the office for safety reasons. If you wish to contact your personal accountant, please leave a message for them to find out when they are available to meet with you.
  • All communications will need to be via phone or email.

Please do not hesitate to be in contact with us.

Here are our contact details