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What is a NZBN, How do I know if I have one, and if I don’t, how do I get one?

What is a NZBN ?

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a unique identifier available to every business in New Zealand.

It provides an easy way to identify different businesses, and to share and update business information.

New Zealand companies and public sector agencies are automatically given an NZBN. Sole traders, partnerships and trusts can register for one.

Information about each business is listed in a secure online register, managed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Why get a NZBN ?

You will need a NZBN to be able to apply for any of the Covid-19 subsidy’s that are available to businesses.

It’s free to get an NZBN. Any business operating in New Zealand can get one – whether you’re a sole trader working from home, or a multi-national organisation


  • identifies you as a real NZ business
  • should save you time by reducing the number of places you need to update your business information when something changes
  • makes it easy to check details for new suppliers or clients
  • is a globally recognised number, so when you use it, anyone across the world can recognise you.

As more businesses get and use their NZBN, it will get easier to invoice customers, pay bills and apply for credit.

You won’t have to repeat the same basic information multiple times, saving you time and money.

What it means for Sole Traders

If you’re a sole trader, you can use your NZBN to:

  • prove that your business is real and valid
  • easily share and update your business information
  • speed up your interactions with government agencies such as Inland Revenue, ACC and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • auto-fill your business information in online forms that require your NZBN.

How to check if  you have a NZBN

Some types of businesses, like registered companies, are automatically given an NZBN. Sole traders, partnerships and trusts need to sign up for one separately.

To check if you have already got a NZBN, click on the link below, enter your Company name in the search bar, and if you have one it will appear in the box below:

Click here to check if you already have a NZBN

How to apply for a NZBN if you don’t have one

To get a NZBN, you may need a RealMe login, you can then register for your NZBN number on the NZBN website.

Get a RealMe login by clicking HERE

If you have problems with setting up a RealMe account or in applying for your NZBN and require assistance, please give us a call

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