How much will it cost for KTS to prepare my end-of-year accounts?

Without knowing more about you and your financial business, its very hard to give you an accurate quote especially over the phone.

The best thing to do is make an appointment with us, and if possible, bring your last set of accounts. We do not charge for these appointments – they are free.
If you find it difficult due to your location to make an appointment at our premises, you can arrange an appointment by phone or zoom.

At your appointment the first thing we will ask you is ” How can we help you?
All our Clients have different needs and require different services, our quote will reflect the level of service you require from us.

Once we have given you a quote, we hold firm to that quote for your first set of accounts, even if we have underquoted due to underestimating the work involved.
If any adjustment in cost is needed we will discuss this with you firstly before proceeding with your work.

Our costs are fair and reasonable at KTS, we are local and do not have the high overheads associated with location. We also do not require any prior payment for your work, we will send you an invoice when the job is done.

To make an appointment, contact Jane who is our Practice Manager
You can phone her 09 412 9902 extn 7 or email her on

What is the process involved in changing Accountants?

If you decide you want to change from your current Accountant to KTS, this is the process, and its not hard:

Firstly, make an appointment with us.
Tony Forlong our CEO , sees most of the new Clients, he is welcoming, will make you feel at ease, and introduce you to the team. He loves new Clients!
If you find it difficult to arrange an appointment due to your location, we can arrange either a phone or zoom call appointment.

Once the decision to move is made, KTS will then write to your previous Accountant on your behalf, seeking an ethical clearance from them to enable us to do your accounts.
Your previous Accountant will then send your records to KTS, unless you have outstanding fees with them, in which case they will release your records when they have been paid.

You will then become a Client of KTS, with access to our website, Facebook page, update emails and all the support from our friendly team.
You will be allocated your own personal accountant who will prepare your annual financial statements and get to know you so they can best meet your meets.

It’s as easy as that!

To make an appointment, contact Jane who is our Practice Manager
You can phone her 09 412 9902 extn 7 or email her on

What is the best way to make an appointment at KTS?

You can make an appointment with your personal accountant directly by contacting them either by email or phone. All details for contact are at
If you wish to make an appointment with Tony, the best way is to go through Jane as she maintains Tony’s business diary.

You can phone her 09 412 9902 extn 7 or email her on

How do I contact my personal accountant at KTS?

All of our clients have been assigned to their own personal accountant. If you are unsure of their contact details go to ‘Our team’ and scroll through. All contacts are available on this page.
If you are unsure who your personal accountant is, contact Jane and she will be able to give you that information.

Her details are on the team page

Why do I need to fill out the questionnaire every year?

At the end of each financial year, we require all clients to fill out and sign the questionnaire form.
This is to ensure that you include all the relevant information that we need to complete your financial statements as things may have changed over the year.

When the questionnaire is signed, it gives KTS permission to work on your accounts which is a requirement by IRD and needs to be done on a yearly basis.

Where do I find the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is under the RESOURCES tab at the top of the website.

Here’s a shortcut to the Questionnaire

Why can’t I digitally sign the questionnaire on the website?

If you wish to submit this form online, or digitally sign it, you need to save it first to your desktop.

To save to your desktop, right-click on the form and choose “save as”, once saved you will then have access to the ‘signature’ and the ‘submit’ fields.

When you are finished filling out the form, you can then choose ‘Submit’ – this will bring up an email which will enable you to send to us at KTS.

If you wish to manually sign the form, you can print, sign, scan, and attach in an email to KTS at

How do I pay my account to KTS?

You can pay your account to KTS by cheque, internet banking from your own banking App, or you can pay directly from the KTS website.

To pay the full amount of your account on the website, go to the PAY NOW tab which is under RESOURCES.
From the options, choose PAY ONLINE, scroll down to ‘Pay online now’ and follow the prompts.

For all information on paying your account go to PAY NOW

Can I pay my account to KTS in instalments?

You can pay your account to KTS in instalments using Fee Smart, which offers fee funding to our clients who would benefit from paying fees off over several months.
Fee Smart has a small setup charge which is added to the first instalment, and a small monthly interest charge. You can apply for Fee smart online when you have applied, we will get straight back to you.

To access Fee smart, go to, go to ‘online banking, enter the amount and number of your invoice, click “continue” then scroll down to monthly payment options.

How do I know what tax is payable throughout the year and when?

The KTS website has a tax calendar for the upcoming year ahead, which shows you what particular tax is due and what date it is due.

This is very helpful for planning and budgeting, you can see at a glance your whole year’s tax schedule.

Here’s where to find the tax schedule

Why do I need to give KTS a copy of my bank statement for year end 31st March?

A lot of Clients ask us this question.

We need to see your bank statement for March each year so that we can confirm the correct balance as at the 31st March.

This figure is fundamental in completing your accounts correctly, and enables us to complete your financial statements.

Do I pay tax on drawings?

You do not pay tax on drawings as drawings are not a deductible expense, just as money you bring into the business is not taxable income.

Tax is calculated on the profits of the business.

You could opt to take no drawings, but the tax liability would be the same. This is because drawings are not deductible against the taxable profits