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It’s December and Christmas is almost here – welcome to the KTS 2020 December Update

Festive Season opening and closing hours:

The KTS Team will be starting their holiday break at 12 noon on Wednesday 23rd December, so the last day of business will be on Tuesday 22nd December 2020.

The Office will re-open on Monday 11th January and all the Team will be back at their desks.

Provisional tax over the festive season

For those that pay the 2nd provisional tax payment for 2021 which is due on the 15th January, reminder notices will be sent out from the 14th – 18th of December.

The notices will be sent out via email, so if you are expecting a notice and don’t receive one then we could have a wrong email address for you, so please contact us to update your email address. (

We suggest that when you receive the notice/s you set up an online payment for 15th January, or earlier, so that you don’t miss the deadline. Those Clients that will be paying are the ones that pay provisional tax 3 times a year.

Karl Hazewinkel is moving on

Karl has been a much valued member of our team at KTS for the last five years.
He is now leaving KTS to take on fresh opportunities and challenges.

Karl’s last day at KTS is on the 18th December, we wish him all the best in his future endeavours and appreciate all the excellent work he has done at KTS.

If you are one of Karl’s clients, you will be assigned to another member of our experienced team at KTS.

The Christmas run-up can be frantic for small business owners.
It’s important to think about business basics like paying taxes and staff over the festive season.

What can you claim as expenses over Christmas?
What are the rules for paying staff over the Christmas and New year break?
Do I need to give my staff time off over Christmas and New year even if my Business is really busy?

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