Credit and debit card payment terms and conditions

You must read and accept the following terms and conditions before making a payment using this service.


Please note these terms and conditions may be changed without notice, so you should re-read them each time before using this credit/debit card payment service to make a payment.

This payment service enables you to make a payment to KTS Chartered Accountants via a Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant provider.

All payments are in NZ dollars.

Credit card charges

A credit card charge of 2.9% of your total payment will be charged to your credit/debit card when you use this payment service. This fee is payable directly to the facilitator of the transaction. KTS will not receive any part of the credit card charge.

Other fees

If you use this payment service you may incur other transaction fees or charges as charged by the issuer of your credit/debit card. These fees or charges will be determined by the terms and conditions of your credit/debit card set by the card issuer.

Check with your card issuer for details of any such other transaction fees or charges before making a payment using this service.

If you make a payment using a credit/debit card issued outside New Zealand, you may be charged an additional currency conversion fee on your payment. Any currency conversion fee will be determined in by the terms and conditions of your credit/debit card.

Unsuccessful payment

If your payment transaction is not completed successfully due to credit/debit card or other issues your payment liability to KTS will remain outstanding, and you may be subject to penalties, interest and other charges for the period your payment remains unpaid.

Check transaction details

You must carefully check all information you input into this credit/debit card payment service to ensure it is correct before confirming your transaction. You won’t be able to amend the transaction once it has been submitted.

If you have made a deposit error by entering the wrong amount or invoice number, please contact us by email to (


Refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Any refund of a payment made using this service, if due, will be paid by KTS by direct refund to the credit/debit card used for your transaction.

Any refund paid by KTS will not include a refund of the convenience fee paid to Westpac.

All requests for refunds and transfers must be made in writing or by email. to -


KTS Chartered Accountants Ltd will not have access to your credit/debit card details to enable it to make any charge against your credit/debit card.

Any personal information you input into this payment service will be held by Westpac as a record of the transaction. Westpac will take steps to ensure your personal information is held securely. You may, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, request access to, and correction of all personal information held by Westpac.

This credit/debit card payment service is governed by New Zealand law, and the New Zealand courts have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to it.

Contact details

If you’re having difficulty making a payment using your credit/debit card please contact your card issuer.