This tax calendar is for the KTS Clients who have a balance date of 31st March.

28th October 2021

GST for period ended September 2021

15th January 2022

2nd provisional tax for 2022

GST for the period ended 30th September 2021

28 February 2022

GST for the period ending 31st January 2022

7th April 2022

Terminal Tax for 2021
For all clients except
those who have lost their
extension of time privilege

7th May 2022

3rd provisional Tax for 2022
GST for the period ending March 2022

31st May 2022

Deadline for Fringe
Benefits Tax returns

28th June 2022

GST for the period ending 31st May 2022

28th August 2022

1st Provisional tax for 2023

GST for the period ended 31st July 2022

Paying your tax and GST to IRD

There are a number of ways that you can pay your tax.

  • Through your internet banking, most banks have a dropdown list that includes GST and Tax, just choose which one you are paying, enter your amount, IRD number and the due date.
  • Through MyIRD, login and choose the tax you are paying.
  • By Credit card – you can now pay your tax by credit card via MyIRD.    Be aware that IRD add interest to any credit card payments.

The most important thing about paying your taxes is NOT TO PAY LATE

Penalties are applied for late payments.

Don't pay any more tax than you need to !