Applying for subsidy’s and getting your NZ Business Number (NZBN)

There have been a number of queries from clients about applying for subsidies and getting their NZBN numbers which are needed when you apply for a subsidy.

We are sending this information out again for clarification, we hope this will be helpful.

Applying for a subsidy:

When making an application for a subsidy, you are required to have a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)

If you are a business:

All NZ Businesses have a ‘NZBN’ number if you are unsure what your number is go to this link: MY NZBN

Enter your Business name in the search bar and you will get your NZBN number which you will need for your application for a subsidy.

If you are a sole trader, partnership or trust:

If you are anything other than a business (Sole Trader, Partnership or Trust) and do not have a Business Number (NZBN), you will need to apply for one.

To apply for a NZBN number CLICK HERE.

Choose your Business type, and you will go to the application form.

NZBN has a helpline if you get stuck - you can contact them at

If you have any further queries about subsidies, either email Tony on, or go to our website to view the information. KTS WEBSITE

Dropping your accounts off to us:

For those who wish to drop their accounts off to us, there is a container at the door at KTS for you to leave your accounts in.

Please text to Tony on 0274 591126 to let him know that you have left your accounts in the box and we will clear it immediately.

Signing your accounts off:

Your completed accounts will be emailed to you. If you are happy with them, you can either:

Sign and email them back to us.

Reply by email to us to confirm that you are happy with your accounts.

On receiving either of the above, we will then go ahead and file them immediately for you.