Hello to our Clients,

This is an update on our email from yesterday on dropping off your accounts to us, face to face meeting arrangements, and there is also an update from IRD on a change of code for PAYE (bottom of the email).


Dropping off your accounts

We have had many clients ringing and emailing us about dropping off their records, so we need to make these arrangements a little clearer.

  • Records can be dropped off from Monday 18th onwards.
  • We will have a marked box at the door for you to deposit your accounts into, and we will clear the box at regular intervals during the day.
  • There is no need to notify us when you drop off your records, we will be keeping a careful eye on them.

Face-to-face meetings

We will be available for face-to-face meetings with our clients from Monday 18th by appointment only, we are unable to have walk-in meetings during level 2.

Please be in touch with your personal accountant on our team to make a suitable time.

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks:

The First team will be Anthony's team which includes Anecia and Debra and they will be working on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The second team which is Karl's team which includes Beth and Toko will be working at the office on Tuesday and Thursday.

To find the contact details click on this link - see contact details 

Change of code information from IRD 

This is a ‘heads up’ to all our Clients who pay PAYE.

The IRD have changed the code that you would normally use when paying PAYE, it has now been changed to DED (employers deductions)

To avoid confusion, remember to choose DED when making your PAYE deductions.