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So you’ve survived the 2020 lockdown, but business might still not be where it was, or where you would like it to be.

Its time to plan for an uncertain future

Most businesses surviving after our lockdown have changed how they operate. They’ve got smarter because they had to.

Here’s something worth asking yourself: What if it happens again?

We know we’re only one big community transmission away from another lockdown, so what plans do you have, if any?

The fact is most businesses have just been happy to have got through it, but they haven’t thought about what worked for them, how they could build on that success, and how they might survive another bout of Covid-19 disruption.

Working from home has been great for a lot of businesses. Many never thought they could do it, and believed it would involve months of planning. With only days to work it out, they found it actually did work.

Others, especially retailers, found they had to either start or beef up their online presence.

Taking these two examples, could working from home be expanded to include all staff, permanently? Could the online marketing be improved, for example by having a simple payment system, or a more streamlined packaging and delivery system?

What did you do, and how could you improve it – now, in case Covid strikes again?

Planning not only helps you and your business operate more effectively, but can also make the business more attractive for investors or buyers.

If you would like help in planning for your Business please contact us