Our Vision

KTS believes their primary role as accountants is to develop good relationships with Clients, to listen to them, understand their needs and to provide the expert services needed to produce the best possible results.

Our team are friendly and approachable and work closely with their clients, getting to know them and their families in order to partner with them to meet their specific needs.

When you become a Client at KTS, we assign you to one of our experienced team members, who personally prepares your financial statements and is your exclusive contact at KTS.

Unlike many other accountants, we do not insist that our new clients change their accounting system to be compatible with ours, we will work within your existing programme, which can be a considerable cost saving.

Who owns KTS Chartered Accountants?

Tony has lived in the area with his family for most of his life and is an integral part of the fibre of the community.

He is involved in many aspects of local community life which is invaluable in providing good local knowledge and excellent contacts within the community. His position as past chairman of ‘Northwest Country’ and his long association with Rotary, means he is well known, trusted and highly respected within the community and beyond.

Tony is passionate about KTS and proud of his skilled team, together they strive to give all clients their absolute best service at all times.

Learn More About Our Team

Tony Forlong is the Managing Director and CEO of KTS.

Where we are...

2 Shamrock Drive, Kumeu, Auckland

KTS is situated in the heart of the Northwest, just over the railway line, in the village of Kumeu in Auckland.

The Northwest has many natural and beautiful scenic spots that are frequently visited by both the local people and tourists alike. It has a lively community spirit and a busy and successful business base.

It is also a rapidly growing region with many new families moving into the surrounding area which means that KTS is well placed to provide the valuable accountancy services needed to partner with local businesses and to become a contributing factor to their success.